I’m Chau. I’ve worked as an English teacher for 2 years.

As a language teacher, I never forget the importance of inspring students to not only learn to speak english but to learn to love it.

I’m interested in meeting different foreigners and having some cultural exchanges with them in English. That’s how I make my second language come alive.

Exploring the countryside, tasting the tradional food are the ways I tell the tourists about my beautiful country.

If you come to Hue, come to us!

More than a tour… It’s an education !

Welcome to Hue !

We are students who are living and studying in Hue.

We all come from different colleges. Some of us are economic students, some others are economic students.

But… We share the same passion.

Our passion bring us all together and we decide to join Hue Student Tour.

From knowing to growing, We’d like to put our knowledge into practice. Moreover, it’s truly honored to meet and share our cultures with the tourists.

Our Nonprofit tour focuses on person-to-person exchanges, with local students welcoming travelers into their homes. This tour includes lots of fun experiences, such as learning to make traditional food, vistiting historic fishing villages , lying on the beautiful beaches or walking around the City Centre.